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I am blessed to live and work in the most amazing, treasured, authentic, destination, where inspiration can be found at every angle. I use this inspiration and palette for not only weddings and events but also for my fashion brand, designing effortless dresses and accessories. Growing up in the US, the landscapes are different than on the Yucatan Peninsula. Venues for weddings are endless, and some not typically found anywhere else in the world, like a ceremony at a Cenote, at a majestic Hacienda or at a dense jungle hideaway. It is these very places and this destination that make my soul smile and captures my heart.

Our devoted relationships that we build are like the events that we craft, intricate and memorable. Living in paradise is the icing on the cake!

XO, Maria Louisa Roncarati

MaLou is short for Maria Louisa, the youngest of 11 sisters and brothers. My passion for art, textiles, and design started at a very young age, well before I went off to college in Hawaii. My mom was an avid sewer and artist. I'd watch her repurpose and transform textiles and paint for hours. It was not until I was at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, that I met my illustrious mentor, professor, Dr. Linus Chao. Dr. Chao was an icon in animation and Chinese art in China and the US. His teachings in traditional silk screening and use of color, will forever be treasured. Born in Massachusetts, I resided and worked in Connecticut for almost 20 years. A daughter of an Irish-Scottish mom and a 100% Mexican dad, I am proud of my Mexican-American heritage. My roots and passion for Mexico, its vibrant colors, history and culture, paved my destined path to Playa del Carmen, where I have lived since 2006. I studied at Bay Path University in Massachusetts, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. I also attended the University of Hawaii, in Hilo, and earned a Certificate of Textile and Apparel Design and Construction.

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