How easy is it to get married in the Riviera Maya? Piece of cake!

There are several ways to tie the knot in the Riviera Maya, Tulum, and Cancun, Mexico. Let us count the ways.

  1. For a Symbolic Ceremony, there is very little that needs to be done before arriving into Mexico. Couples will usually have either a family member or friend serve as MC over the ceremony. An officiant, from the area, can also be easily hired. The couple will decide the order; processional, welcome, singing by guests or a hired performer, musicians, readings or custom written passages, an exchange of vows, an exchange of rings, final words, and recessional. Symbolic Ceremonies are the most popular as it lets couples completely customize their ceremony and add as many details as they want.
  2. A Sand Ceremony, is also considered a symbolic ceremony, only a part of the ceremony demonstrates the pouring and blending of two different colors of sand, into a vase, at the same time by the couple. The significance of the blending of the two sand colors is very clear, it represents the couple, now as one or inseparable.  
  3. Having a Catholic or religious ceremony can also be done in Mexico. If it is a catholic ceremony, this process can usually take about 3-6 months to get all of the leg work done from the couple's country, as the couple needs permission from the priest and bishop in their diocese. There is some paperwork involved and some collaboration between the priest in Mexico and the priest from the states but a knowledgeable wedding planner can easily handle most of the details to ensure a smooth process. A Wedding Planner, with experience, is crucial in coordinating a Catholic ceremony. The Wedding Planner also knows which venues can be used for a Catholic union, as only specific settings; churches, hotels, and other locations in the Riviera Maya are approved by the Catholic church.
  4. Jewish Ceremonies, in the Riviera Maya, whether couples are exchanging vows under a “Chuppah,” or "Huppah;" a wedding canopy, are common, as there are many Rabbi’s that live and work in the area. Signing the “Ketubah,” the marriage contract, promising the unconditional love and support, is prevalent not only in the Jewish ceremonies but adaptable for all faiths. The Riviera Maya is a popular destination for hosting traditional ceremonies. We work with suppliers that understand the logistics of this special ceremony and have experience with Jewish Weddings.
  5. The Riviera Maya is a notable popular destination for Indian ceremonies. A traditional Indian wedding can last 3 days, including a “ganesh pooja,” the “baarat,” the “Mehndi ceremony,” with the painting of henna designs, and in the evening the “sangeet,” as well as the actual wedding day ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. An officiant or Imam is used to preside over a Muslim wedding. There are officiant’s in the Riviera Maya experienced to perform all of the tasks needed.
  6. Perhaps the ceremony that requires the most paperwork is the Civil Ceremony. In Mexico, marriages performed by the designated judges for the municipalities or civil registry officials of the state, are the only ones that can validate the certificate of marriage, which is considered legal and valid in Mexico and the US. Our team has processed these weddings with a three day lead time, initiating the paperwork ahead of the actual arrival of the couple. We handle all of the required paperwork, permissions, arrange the blood test for the couple in the privacy of their villa or hotel, coordinate the judge for the wedding day and have all of the original certificates ready for the couple on their wedding day.

Candles, lasso, (a Mexican tradition), handfasting, jump the broom, creating a time capsule, ropes, lace, crowning, are all traditional ways that make each wedding event unique and memorable.

Reach out to us with any questions you may have. We'd love to design your special day in our slice of paradise!

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