Wedding Trends we will see in 2022

Fashion that first fits the theme of the wedding and venue, are on-trend for 2022.

Couples are in pursuit for that perfect venue, using every organic shade of green as part of their palette, from lush greenery in private gardens and tropical jungles, and Bridgerton-like estates and fincas, to boutique hotels on champagne colored beaches, to private villas and retreats. Black tie galas with brides wearing corset designed dresses and two-piece ensembles will take center stage. Fashion that first fits the theme of the wedding and venue, are on-trend for 2022.

In the new year, personalization is powerful when it comes to wedding design. Getting to know couples, their love story, their like and dislikes are essential. Many couples are opting out of the traditional, bouquet toss and cake cutting segments of a wedding. Instead, couples are incorporating multi-forms of entertainment to engage guests, such as soloists, magicians, acrobat artists, and other creative and live entertainment. Guests arriving at curated destination weddings, will find theme-inspired welcome itineraries with innovative activities, along with handmade, memorable take-aways.  It’s all about having fun, storytelling, and the sensory experience, with herb-scented signature cocktails crafted by mixologists, and culinary delights, using the region’s own treasures and rarities, that will highlight the guest experience. Cookie-cutter weddings are a thing of the past.

We do know that 2022 is going to swoon wedding guests with romanticism, fun-filled destination wedding weekends, and customized everything!  We love that every couple wants their event to be unique and are much more involved in the planning, requesting their own “event identity,” through wedding branding, a personalized wedding website, crafted custom or electronic stationery, hand-made favors, and personal touches with meaning. Inspiring and aweing guests is what 2022 is all about!

Here’s a recap of the trends we’re about to see:

1. Green with everything!
 Lots of greenery, used in table design, welcome boards, ceremony décor, lounge décor with overstuffed velvet green sofas, greenery stuffed in antique dressers or statement and vintage pieces, foliage pressed invites, green stationery suites in interesting die cuts, bridesmaid dresses in every imaginable shade of green, lush greenery backdrops, photo booths, and green wedding shoes! We’ll see a lot more sustainable weddings in 2022. Why so much green? Green is calming and represents growth and new beginnings. Nature can’t be wrong!

2.  Intimate weddings with personalization and meaningful elements. In 2022, intimate or smaller weddings will continue to be popular in boutique hotels, day-only venues, and private villas. While we are post-pandemic and vaccines are plentiful, we’ll continue to see guests embrace serene, picturesque settings, fully-staffed venues, creative amenities, and curated experiences for guests that want to wander. Destinations that can provide a post-pandemic, multi-sensory, tropical experience, are what couples really want in 2022.

Photo courtesy, Sami G Photography

3.  Corsets and two-piece wedding attire. I absolutely love seeing designers create more of the two-piece wedding attire for 2022! Why we love the look? You can create your own style by changing up the separates, from the ceremony into the reception. The statement look is sexy, elegant, and you can dance the night away!

Photo courtesy, That Moment Photo

4.  Multi-forms of entertainment. The new year will bring a wave of entertainment to weddings, with a buildup to the last dance and the bride and groom send-off. From string violinists, to smooth saxophonists, to lively aerial acrobats and dancers. Couples are asking planners to find niche entertainment to entertain their guests. DJ's are implementing MC's and props to escalate the party's ambience. It's all about creating an iconic event!

Photo courtesy, Sweet Caribbean Photo

5. Bridgerton-inspired weddings. Romantic, elegant, sexy, over-the-top florals, and an abundance of candlelight. One of the biggest trends for 2022 is anything that relates to the Bridgerton series and novels. I am totally obsessed with everything Bridgerton related! Not just the sexy storyline, but as a designer I can relate to the costume designs, the ethereal settings of the Regency era, and those fêtes! The Regency shade of blue, shown everywhere, is enough to spark excitement! So, I am incorporating and recommending, as much as the overall design permits, elements of Bridgerton! I’ll also be doing some DIY’s on how to bring some Bridgerton elements into your own wedding. Stay tuned! As Simon Basset says…"You deserve nothing less. You deserve everything your heart desires." We can’t agree more!

Photo courtesy, Sami G Photography

It’s going to be an exciting year!  Hope you’ll follow along for the ride!

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